About Us

My name is David Green, and I write speeches. The good kind. The kind that catch your attention and don't let go. The kind that make people laugh...and nod...and raise their eyebrows.

That's what a good speech does: it touches the listener, says "follow me," and then challenges the way they think. Since founding UnCommon Knowledge in 1993, I've been writing this kind of speech.

For high-tech CEOs. For medical-equipment company presidents. For sales organization VPs. From conference keynote addresses, to informal remarks at a sales meeting dinner.

Maybe my background as an advertising copywriter is the key to my success, because a speech has to grab people's attention and sell them on a point of view.

Maybe it's my experience in relationship marketing, since a speaker has to quickly establish a relationship with the audience and then manage that relationship to the end.

Maybe it's that offbeat college major in experimental education, alternative lifestyles, and game simulation that I wove together at the University of Michigan.

Because at the end of the day, if your speech hasn't managed to jolt people out of their day-to-day rut, then you have failed. That's why this page isn't really "about us." It's about you, and what you need to make happen with your next speech.